1. How many solar panels would be needed to 100% solar-power Singapore?
  2. Pair work: the One Weird Trick to finally ship your side projects
  3. Virtual workspaces --- working in a Minecraft office?
  4. A market-based mechanism to preserve Indonesia's forests (or any other resource)
  5. Singapore's GRC system likely advantages the PAP: a game-theoretic analysis

Things I've built

  1. Clustering GPS trip data
  2. Building a Python parallel processing pipeline package (R-3PO)
  3. GSoC 2020 report: implementing a new feature for MGGG's Districtr app
  4. Rebuilding this website
  5. Building a code sharing MVP with React and the WebSockets API
  6. Building a deep learning pipeline + model with Keras and PlaidML
  7. Building an Bayesian SMS sender
  8. Doing distributed data analysis on a Raspberry Pi cluster
  9. Building an automated, blockchain-connected model train diorama
  10. Building a Raspberry Pi console
  11. Building my first Telegram bot

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  1. Three levels of competency
  2. Convergence is (finally) coming
  3. A new method of training: can resting for hours between exercises maximise your gains?
  4. Projects to-do list
  5. MOOCs I've taken (WIP)
  6. My new fitness routine
  7. Blogs I enjoy very much
  8. Pair work: the One Weird Trick to finally ship your side projects
  9. Home gym ideas
  10. Julia Path Tracer
  11. Board Game Engine
  12. Rebuilding this website
  13. The beta-Bernoulli bandit, Thompson sampling, and Bayesian inference
  14. A gentle introduction to the IS-PC-MR model
  15. Explaining Acemoglu's model of directed technical change: a primer

Diary entries that should be of no interest to anyone other than close friends and family

  1. 2020 Week 46 review (09-15 Nov)
  2. 2020 Week 45 review (01-08 Nov)
  3. My experience interviewing for OGP
  4. 2020 Week 44 review (25-30 Oct)
  5. 2020 Week 43 review (18-24 Oct)
  6. 2020 Week 42 review (11-17 Oct)
  7. Three years in Oxford: a review
  8. Letter to Bassel in August 2020, after my Finals results
  9. 2020 Semiannual Review
  10. Thoughts on a trip to Kuhlenbronn
  11. 2019 Annual Review
  12. Email to Bassel telling him about my internship and thesis during July 2019
  13. 2019 Semiannual Review
  14. Breaking up
  15. HT 2019 report and plans for the summer
  16. MT 2018 report and plans for 2019
  17. 2018 Semiannual Review
  18. Michaelmas 2017 report
  19. Sep 2017 report
  20. Aug 2017 report
  21. May 2017 report
  22. 2017 Quarterly Report I
  23. 2016 Annual Review
  24. 2015 Annual Review
  25. ORD lo
  26. October in review; plans for November
  27. An eventful Saturday
  28. September 2016 report
  29. Long-overdue update
  30. An update on my life so far
  31. Meeting with iDA staff (Oscar, Kiranjit and Eric)
  32. Meeting with Mrs Hauw, swimming with Xiao Hui and future plans
  33. daily report: I talk about what I've done for the past two weeks
  34. daily report
  35. daily report: my first post