2020 Week 49 review (29 Nov-5 Dec)

Sun Dec 06 2020


Things that went well this week

Serendipity: good

I had a very enlightening chat with Rob this week (more on this later). I also tried out OpenTTD with Bernard.

Relationships: good

Went out drinking and climbing with friends (not the same day of course).

Things that didn't go so well this week

Physical: no good

It looks like I only recorded three out of five target days of going to the gym. That's not ideal, especially after all the lengths I went to decrease friction. It definitely feels like I can handle more volume.

While sleep during the weekdays was good, a late night out drinking with the 6 offenders fucked me for Saturday and Sunday as well; I had no mood to work on Saturday and my sleep schedule was also fucked on Sunday. I'm not sure I'm willing to give these nights up completely so I think the solution is not to do these sort of late night outings too often. Restrict maybe to once a month max.

I want to grow my arms

Side projects: no good

I feel like I'm not making very much progress with the thesis. Working once a week on my thesis is not enough. Or rather, I've realised just having pair work is not enough. I need some time alone to think about and work on the problems. Pair work is useful when you just need to bang out some task but it's not necessarily the best for strategising: I need time to lie down and think about it. So it's important to block out time not just to call and work together, but also time for thinking and writing out on my own.

Missed board game day (bad).

Do I have have too many side projects, or am I just not productive enough with the time that I do have? I should think about this. Which side projects can I put aside?

How can I be more productive with the time I have?

In general every day can be broken up into four blocks:

  • Morning block, from 9--1
    • Morning 1, 9-11
    • Morning 2, 11-13
  • Lunch block from 1 to 2
  • Afternoon block, from 2--5
    • Afternoon 1, 2-4
    • Afternoon 2, 4-6
  • Night block, from 8--12
    • Night 1, 6 - 8
    • Night 2, 8 - 10
    • Night 3, 10 - 12
  • Dinner block: one of these night blocks
  • Play block: one of the other night blocks

I have two blocks to work:

  • Afternoon 2 from 4 to 6
  • Night 3 from 10 to 12

And each block should be spoken for/it should have a purpose. I've done things like "Thesis Tuesdays" but the thing is that one could do more than one thing in a day, especially on weekends. (Or if doing just one thing in a day, I could use more time than simply the one- or two-hour meeting.)

For some reason the Evening block is not being properly utilised. It seems to disappear? Where does the time go?

I am afraid that if I block out all my time for work, there will be no time for play. I think I need to explicitly block out "unproductive time" as time where I have carte blanche to watch YouTube, play games, talk shit on Discord... etc. Maybe that means my blocks have to be more granular. Obviously 2/3 hours to watch YouTube and play games is too much.

What do I want to do going forward? What are my plans?

I want to start logging my sleep in my fitness log.

I should readopt the pomo method as that's going to force me to be more structured with my time. It will hopefully force me to work deeply, as well as fit in sets in between pomos.

I want to focus on writing and less on CS around this period. That means setting aside time to write. Not writing new things necessarily but just catching up with my backlog.

I want to get the Oxford post up by the end of this year; I need to have the Oxford post up before I write the 2020 year-in-review post. How will I allocate time to it?