2020 Week 43 review (18-24 Oct)

Sun Oct 25 2020


I'm reinstating the weekly review habit. See the previous blog post for an explanation of the six different categories.

As with last week, I'll rate each category on a four-point scale:

  • Excellent (exceeding expectations: better than I could've asked for),
  • Good (meets expectations: about as good as I could've asked for),
  • So-so (some good, some bad --- OK overall, but room for improvement),
  • Bad (didn't meet my expectations --- could have done better).

Anything better than "Bad" is good.

Review of the week


Not really preparing anything for OGP because I'm getting "stuck": I read and re-read the description of my projects and just don't know what else to say. For my previous projects, no technical decisions come to mind... was agonising over the Bayesian SMS sender project and thinking about what technical decisions I made then. I remember that I found it difficult to design/build the entire pipeline --- e.g. how do I track users? how do I get the results? but once I thought of a solution it then became the "obvious" thing to do. So I have difficulty pointing to a particular technical decision where I had the choice between A or B and chose A because of reasons, as the word "decision" might imply. Now that I write this I'm thinking that a "decision" can also be something like choosing to implement a particular feature or not. Time management, complexity management. I'll think about this more after my call with Celine.

Work-wise, I was quite (very) productive on Monday and Tuesday actually. I didn't stick strictly to the 6-pomos-in-a-row idea, but I did put in the hours for those days. Then on Wednesday I got a bad cold was sniffling and sneezing all over the place (seems to happen every week) and then my productivity tanked. On Thursday I went to collect the RealSense and that was a real bitch to get working (still haven't figured it out). Got blocked on Thurs/Friday just trying to get it working.

I'll try the 6-pomo-in-a-row approach again this week and try not to get sick.


Been quite consistent with the stretching which is good (5/7), but that's the only thing that went well.

Created a workout routine ...

Finalised home gym purchase ...

Only exercised Monday and Friday (2/6 goal days), if I exercise today then I bring it to 3/6 which is not great. A not-very-good excuse is that I was incredibly sore after Monday's push workout.

I managed to get enough sleep throughout the weekday towards the end -- was waking up naturally on Thursday and Friday before the alarm. But this was all for naught, as I still have the incredibly bad habit of sleeping late during the weekends which is tanking my productivity during the weekend because I just want to lie down and nap constantly. It will also make me sleep late on Sunday night which will fuck me for the weekday. This is a toxic cycle and will be the most important thing to fix next week.

Side projects

Side projects not so good this week because Joshua had some unexpected guests and I didn't have the motivation to work alone.


Met Nicole for lunch on Thursday and played Among Us with the PPE gang on Saturday. Apart from that not much but it's OK.


Growing callouses on my fingers. It helps that Jon's guitar is right next to me so I can pick it up anytime and just practice the chords. Still haven't managed to pick up pumping and still not 100% confident with going down slopes. I need to increase the level of deliberate practice on this skill to really improve.

Not going to be too demanding on this section.


This was excellent this week.

Spent about 5 hours writing code to generate cryptogram books.

Picked up DA:O and played it a fuckton. I would've liked my serendipity to be focused on something else but I'm not grading this section on the quality of the things I pursue serendipitously. I had originally not played it for a long time because I didn't want to go through again what I had remembered as a long and tedious Grey Warden section. But I was surprised by how enjoyable it became once I started to have a good build/ party comp.

Played it on Friday and Saturday wasted a lot of time on it.

Overall rating this week

  1. Career: so-so
  2. Physical: bad
  3. Side projects: so-so
  4. Relationships: good
  5. Skills: good
  6. Serendipity: excellent

What are my goals for next week?

Meta-conclusion: I need to have a plan on how to fulfill my weekly goals. It does no good to state the goals this week but have no concrete plan on how to fulfill them, particularly if these goals are ones that I already wrote last week.

Three big goals/wins:

  1. My first priority: prepare and ace the final round interview
  2. Create a healthy sleep schedule, particularly on weekends!!
  3. Try to carry on with the 6 pomos/day work schedule.

Other priorities:

  1. Keep up the momentum of my two side projects