2020 Week 48 review (21-28 Nov)

Sun Nov 29 2020


Four weeks left until the end of the year! Time really passes so quickly.

Overall, this was a good week on all metrics.

Things that went well

  • Stuck to my new "whatever whenever" fitness routine and did a lot more volume than I would usually
  • In general, stuck to my planned days:
    • Rusty Mondays
    • Thesis Tuesdays
    • Working Paper Wednesdays
    • Deutsche Donnerstag
    • Freedom Fridays
    • Board Game Engine Saturdays
    • Serendipitous Sundays
  • Good progress on working paper with Eubank and Rodden
  • Good social: met Bernard (Thurs and Sat), callig friends
  • Good serendipity: met Bernard on Saturday to sketch out new post

What didn't go so well this week

What I want to do next week

Continue sticking to my good sleep schedule

Continue sticking to my planned routine

Write calligraphy for Celine, buy Singaporean food, and send off the box

Bang out the post that Bernard and I sketched out on Sat

Look at Nobiot's suggest and see what I can do

Reply Nick's email and get Parquet files for Nick