daily report: my first post

Sat Apr 23 2016

daily report for 2016-04-23

Today I woke up at 1030 extremely tired. I slept at about 2am last night, having Mission-Impossible-d home (did not bring keys--went to the window and grabbed the window keys, then went to my room's window and climbed in that way)

I woke up at 1030 and started to use the computer all the way until 1530. (which is the time of this writing). Here's what I did:

  1. Learn how to regex (I learned it so I could do a regex to check for .html files in the request.url of node.js server).
  2. Learned a little bit about the web OSI: wires -> IP --> TCP --> HTTP

I'm trying to get my node.js server a little bit more functional. Mark suggested that I extend it such that it handles nonstandard GET requests, that is:

def show
@widget = Widget(params[:id])

The full quote was the following:

Mark Theng, [23.04.16 14:53] uhh, create an api?

Mark Theng, [23.04.16 14:53] if you can get something like localhost/add?a=5&b=10 to work

Mark Theng, [23.04.16 14:54] then you can do your ajax client

Mark Theng, [23.04.16 14:54] then, if you're feeling ambitious, you can install socket.io

Update 2016-04-23 17:20

Just managed to get localhost/add?a=5&b=10 to work!

else if (url.parse(request.url, true).pathname  === '/add') {
let str = url.parse(request.url,true).query;
let acc = 0;
for (var item in str){
acc += parseInt(str[item]);
response.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/html'});
response.write('<p> The answer is: ' + acc);

Update 2016-04-23 18:25

Wow so shag. Took me the better part of an hour to figure out how to do syntax highlighting in Jekyll. I thought that it was automatic but turns out only Rouge, the engine, is automated--you still have to download the css file, of course. Stupid mistake to make, but I'm stupid.