2020 Week 46 review (09-15 Nov)

Sun Nov 15 2020


I'm reinstating the weekly review habit. See the previous blog posts for an explanation of the six different categories.

This week, I'm adding a new category: learning. There might be some significant overlap with side projects. I'm not sure how to categorise, because the goal of many of side projects is to learn as much as I can.

The six categories are:

  1. Career
  2. Physical
  3. Side projects
  4. Skills
  5. Relationships
  6. Serendipity

As with last week, I'll rate each of the six categories on a four-point scale:

  • Excellent (exceeding expectations: better than I could've asked for),
  • Good (meets expectations: about as good as I could've asked for),
  • So-so (some good, some bad --- OK overall, but room for improvement),
  • Bad (didn't meet my expectations --- could have done better).

Review of the week


Good: Was very productive on Thursday


Bad: didn't sleep well on Sunday which fucked me up on Monday, and caused me to be very unproductive and bad on Mon/Tues/Wed.

Worked out 4 out of a target 6 days which is decent. Kept up a decent stretching habit, I think 3 days a week.

I took melatonin, I bought four bottles of melatonin

Side projects



I met Bernard for 5 hours last weekend (but not sure) We called the flat gang I met with Edward which was nice I'm meeting the CS gang for the first time today.


Excellent this week

  • NYC and Nicole --> new side project? Do I want to take on this commitment?
  • Did the Bradfield CSI take home assignment on a whim, which was fun and I learned a lot.
  • Started playing Hades, sunk about 20 hours into it and got a couple of clears! This was the first game in quite a long while that I sank serious time into. Should spend more time with Celine. I can stream gaming, we can play Stardew Valley/Terraria/Overcooked/whatever other game together.
  • Helped my sister quite a bit with her essays

Some unanswered questions

CS self-study projects

After getting the offer from OGP I was thinking about what I should do next/learn in the interim. Over the pa I have lots of CS self-study projects coming up that I could do. They are the following:

  1. Learn multiplayer + networking from the board game engine
  2. Learn Rust (prereq for the OS course)
  3. Learn OS by building an OS using Rust following the Stanford course
  4. Learn networking by building some TCP chat server
  5. Build a handheld device after building the OS???
  6. Implement a distributed key-value store??

What should I do? What's the right balance to strike?

My plan for next week

  • Plan my day at the start of every day and update Celine about it either through voice memo or by text

"Rusty Mondays" "Thesis Tuesdays": meet Gabe "?? Wednesdays" "Celine Thursdays": hang out with Celine "?? Fridays" "Board Game Saturdays": do development with Joshua "?? Sundays"