ORD lo

Tue Dec 06 2016

these two chrysalid years are finally over: this is a period of unprecedented freedom and it's imperative i don't waste my time.

the month of November it was a huge rut for me-- didn't get any work done, any project finished or finish reading any book and this is really unacceptable.

The biggest problem is that I am waking up too late. This really harshes my vibe because I usually wake up at 10am/11am and it's this no-man's-land kind of timing whereby I convince myself to makan first before going gym but by then it's so late and i drag drag drag... case in point, it's 3pm 4pm now and I still haven't moved my fucking ass to the gym yet.

I have to correct my sleeping schedule so that I am sleeping at midnight and waking up 9am latest. This will allow me to make 10am gym which is just nice.

What I've to do in December

I will be travelling from 11th to 24th so somehow need to find opportunities to work out. And to complete the rest of my projects as stated below:

  • Catch up to the original plan of 52 books (give myself discount la, 50 will do...)
    • Currently: 43 books which means
    • 7 books in 4 weeks: that's roughly two books a week which is honestly doable
    • current book (Tuesday: a fanti 36ji book: to finish by this week, I have to finish 6 jis a day). then it's 2 books a week henceforth
  • Finish CS50!!! This is a MUST:
    • Problem Set 6 -- can be done in a day
    • Problem Set 7 -- ditto
    • Problem Set 8 -- a little bit more involved
    • Final project: currently working on the opengl CPU as a just-for-fun final project.
  • Get the Co{de}llective site up and running
    • Kay has already almost finished with the design so it's up to me now to translate it into reality
  • Cut to 67kg bodyweight

Plans for January

  • From 4th–14th Jan I will be overseas.
  • Then I start my internship on the 23rd and that will last for 3–4 months.
  • And I can't forget to get my stuff ready to apply for scholarships/internships
  • I've about a week before my internship starts: I'm going to use that time to build a nice front-end interface for my budgeting spreadsheet. The 2016 version is honestly pretty shitty and messy and sometimes (I don't know why) doesn't work at all. I'm probably not going to build a full on app but perhaps just a glorified form on mobile (maybe even using Google Forms but I kind of want to try out Vue), I think that would work great.

Lastly, I also built a bash script (Mark's idea) to make the process of updating this blog easier:

#Generates the _site folder and moves its contents to the lieuzhenghong.github.io folder

bundle exec jekyll build
rm -rf ../lieuzhenghong.github.io/*
mv -v ./_site/* $DESTDIR
rm -rf ./_site/
rm -f $DESTDIR/build.she