daily report

Sun Apr 24 2016 ## daily report for 2016-04-24

Today I woke up at 7am to because I had to be at Ulu Pandan at 9am. In retrospect it wasn't necessary--I got in the car at 830 am and was there by 845.

After the lesson I took the bus to Bukit Timah, had duck rice for lunch, then gave my second lesson. She gave me $270 for the previous three lessons. Shiok.

I think I'll keep to this arrangement because it leaves my weekdays free and I don't have to go all the way to Tampines. It's great--I pull in a cool 170$ a day. That's $680 a month!

My mother actually has another lobang--this Sec 2 hwachong guy who wants to be taught maths--but 2 is good enough for me (although if i take him on, 260 a month is over 1k...shiok leh)

Programming wise, I was going to learn socket.io, but then I decided to start with learning databases first. So I installed MongoDB and made a sign-up sheet. It's obviously broken and totally unsafe but basically it sends a GET request of your email, name and password (in plain text!!!); ExpressJS's router parses it and adds it to the users database in MongoDB.

This weekend has been pretty productive. I learned a lot of programming and luckily I've not been stuck with the config. This week I learned (the very basics of) the following:

  1. Node.js
  2. Express.js
  3. MongoDB
  4. Vim
  5. Terminal commands (can you believe I had no idea what pwd was?)
  6. Jekyll
  7. Homebrew

Lots of stuff! Next week I want to learn/do the following:

  1. Build an actual login page
  2. Learn socket.io and do a chat app or some simple game that uses websockets
  3. Keep up with my current commitments--these are:
    1. Complete the ACCA F1 textbook
    2. Learn how to play the complete song--critical, no more time left
    3. Keep going to the gym/swimming three times a week

Alright off to bed. 23:10 right now.