Projects to-do list

Tue Dec 01 2020

These are things I need/want to do but don't have the bandwidth to do right now. I look forward to working on them in the future

Writing stuff

  • Write post about my three years in Oxford
  • Write post about interviewing with OGP and preparation process, even if I get rejected
  • Write series about "How to write a First-Class Oxford PPE essay":
    • how to read,
    • how to synthesise,
    • big debate/viewpoints
    • "Think very hard",
    • how to structure the essay
  • Write a post about Board Game Engine
  • New exploration: why is metro construction in Singapore so expensive? Why have costs ballooned over the past fifteen years? Check Pedestrian Observations and wait for Alon's reply
  • New exploration: could Singapore afford a minimum wage? What would be the cost?

Improving the blog

  • Add "Related Posts" widget on my posts
  • Add blogroll

Building software

Existing projects

  • Finish and ship MVP of Board Game Engine:
    • server, lobby
  • Julia Path Tracer

New ideas

Building hardware

  • Gramophone repair
  • Build adjustable monitor stand
  • Build DIY RGBA night lamp
  • Build home gym

Academic work

  • Paper with Nick Eubank
  • Paper with Gabe Schoenbach

Rampant consumerism

  • Buy split keyboard (~ $500)
  • Buy home gym equipment (~$800--$2000)


  • Canvas some support for my forest protection mechanism idea
  • Find a format for my resume that fulfills all my goals (not too verbose/hard to edit, exports nicely to PDF, also exports to HTML, layout customisable by me)