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  1. How to import and display Markdown files in React
  2. How to implement role-based access control for AWS (Cognito, DynamoDB)
  3. MMODiscord: Run your own virtual world on any Discord server
  4. Some ways to deal with big(-ish) data: 'why do we get an OutOfMemory error in FPGrowth?'
  5. Notes on AWS's serverless framework
  6. Notes on Dynamo (2007)
  7. MIT's 6.824 Distributed Systems, Lab 2: Raft
  8. Memcached at Facebook (2013)
  9. Notes on Amazon Aurora (2017, 2018)
  10. FLP Impossibility Theorem
  11. Some rough notes on React after playing with it for a day
  12. Splitting a string into the fewest number of palindromes
  13. Saltzer and Kaashoek (2009). Principles of Computer System Design: An Introduction
  14. Notes on CRDTs
  15. What is a Golang interface?
  16. What is the CAP theorem really about?
  17. Rao, Shekita and Tata (2011). Using Paxos to Build a Scalable, Consistent, and Highly Available Datastore [Spinnaker]
  18. Ongaro and Ousterhout (2014). In Search of an Understandable Consensus Algorithm [Raft]
  19. MIT's 6.824 Distributed Systems, Lab 1: MapReduce
  20. Dean and Ghemawat (2004). MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters
  21. Self-studying MIT's 6.824 Distributed Systems
  22. Debugging my thesis
  23. Report on CS107E Lab and Assignment 3
  24. Report on CS107E Lab and Assignment 2
  25. Report on CS107E Assignment 1
  26. How to set up bidirectional communication between a Docker container and its host machine using TCP sockets
  27. How to install librealsense and pyrealsense2 on the Jetson NX
  28. Clustering GPS trip data
  29. Building a Python parallel processing pipeline package (R-3PO)
  30. GSoC 2020 report: implementing real-time metrics for MGGG's Districtr app
  31. Rebuilding this website
  32. Building a code sharing MVP with React and the WebSockets API
  33. Building a deep learning pipeline + model with Keras and PlaidML
  34. Building an Bayesian SMS sender
  35. Doing distributed data analysis on a Raspberry Pi cluster
  36. Building an automated, blockchain-connected model train diorama
  37. Building a Raspberry Pi console
  38. Building my first Telegram bot

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