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  1. Triclinium
  2. Permaculture
  3. Can you gain muscle doing only isometric exercises?
  4. Georgism in Singapore
  5. Farming snails in Singapore
  6. Better ways to commute
  7. Alternative agriculture
  8. Redesigning my site
  9. Is nonsurgical penile enhancement possible?
  10. Is sauna good for you?
  11. MMODiscord: Run your own virtual world on any Discord server
  12. Notes on AWS's serverless framework
  13. MIT's 6.824 Distributed Systems, Lab 2: Raft
  14. Memcached at Facebook (2013)
  15. FLP Impossibility Theorem
  16. Notes on technical mentorship
  17. Some rough notes on React after playing with it for a day
  18. Splitting a string into the fewest number of palindromes
  19. Saltzer and Kaashoek (2009). Principles of Computer System Design: An Introduction
  20. Notes on CRDTs
  21. System design (and business case) for a EV charging station backend
  22. What is a Golang interface?
  23. Rao, Shekita and Tata (2011). Using Paxos to Build a Scalable, Consistent, and Highly Available Datastore [Spinnaker]
  24. Ongaro and Ousterhout (2014). In Search of an Understandable Consensus Algorithm [Raft]
  25. Dean and Ghemawat (2004). MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters
  26. From Third World to Utopia: Singapore could end poverty for our children forever, today
  27. What a brave new world we live in!
  28. Radically new ways of living and working are for the first time available (again) to us
  29. Planning to build a Discord spatial layer
  30. Worlds for hyperlocal communities
  31. Teleoperation: enabling remote work for nonremote workers
  32. The cheater's chessboard
  33. Geolibertarianism with Harberger Taxes
  34. Three levels of competency
  35. Convergence is (finally) coming
  36. Home gym ideas
  37. Board Game Engine
  38. Rebuilding this website
  39. The beta-Bernoulli bandit, Thompson sampling, and Bayesian inference
  40. A gentle introduction to the IS-PC-MR model
  41. Explaining Acemoglu's model of directed technical change: a primer

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