Blogs I enjoy very much

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Ben Kuhn's blog has a blogroll and I thought it was an idea good enough to steal. (I guess it's a more grown-up version of the blogrolls we used to have back when every single one of us had a

And I'm also apeing his call to action: if there's a blog you like, or think I'd like, please send an email to me: I really love reading!

People whose writing I admire

One more thing about the public record – cases will be read. All lawyers trace the ancestry of their knowledge to those who came before. And constitutional lawyers especially, will learn from the mistakes of the old, and craft a better case. A new song to move even the shrivelled hearts of old men and women.

Well-known people on the internet

People I know IRL

  • Joy Wang: We're neighbours(ish) and we were batchmates in Oxford. Her piece Complex systems without a leader was absolutely brilliant (what do Overwatch teams, neurons, and blockchain have in common?) And I've always wondered why Singaporean shows have terrible writing

  • Chin Kee Yong: We've known each other for over a decade now. Back in secondary school we collaborated on several different projects (read: I just bounced ideas off him and he did all the work). I've always admired him for his clear, punchy, and funny writing---it hits all the right notes without wasting your time. and truly creative mind. I really liked this original screenplay he wrote. CKY is also a world-class worldbuilder. He designed an entire alchemical fantasy setting) when we were like, what, 16? and has written several companion works. He's currently working on an incredibly ambitious interactive fiction (IF) game based on that setting. that's already been praised by Emily Short (queen of IF), but has also built loads of other games like a chess tower defence game.