Zhenghong Lieu


Oct 2017 -- Jun 2020 : University of Oxford

BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

  • First Class Honours (ranked 5th/259 in graduating cohort):
    • Gibbs Prize: best Politics thesis
    • Top score in Political Sociology
    • Excellent First in Quantitative Economics
  • Quantitative Political Essay Prize: best quantitative essay of Oxford cohort
  • Postmaster: major college scholarship for sustained academic excellence

Jun 2017-- : Self-study in computer science

Completed courses in algorithms and data structures, computer architecture, functional and parallel programming, big data analysis, databases, machine learning, linear algebra and multivariate calculus


Sep 2020-- : Software Engineer

Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA)

Designed and built software architecture for IMDA's autonomous robotics project:

  • Built pipeline allowing real-time communication and ML inference using Python and ROS2
  • Built custom RPC library allowing bidirectional communication between host machine and Docker containers using TCP sockets
  • Exemplified best practices by writing unit tests and setting up CI/CD pipelines

Aug 2020 : Data Science Consultant

Inzura AI

Performed end to-end data analysis in Python:

  • Built parallel processing package that greatly streamlines data processing
  • Performed unsupervised learning (clustering) on ~2 billion data points
  • Wrote and presented final report to the CEO

Jun--Aug 2020 : Software Engineer Intern

Google Summer of Code participant with Metric Geometry Gerrymandering Group

Built new feature for the Metric Geometry & Gerrymandering Group (MGGG)'s flagship webapp (Python, Flask, JavaScript and Vega-Lite)

Jun--Sep 2019 : Data Scientist Intern

Inzura AI

  • Increased monthly active users by > 20% by building a Bayesian SMS sender in Python and SQL, meeting a KPI which secured an important client contract
  • Deployed distributed Apache Spark infrastructure and performed data analysis with Scala on ~85 million data points used to assign users more accurate risk ratings

Jun--Sep 2018 : Software Developer Intern

Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA)

Created a fully-automated blockchain demonstration of using blockchain in supply chain management:

  • Real-time blockchain visualisation using JavaScript and Canvas
  • IoT sensor integration to update asset location data on Hyperledger blockchain
  • QR-code based asset tracking with Node.js

Jun--Aug 2017 : Software Engineer Consultant

Imcomp International

Greatly increased firm efficiency (75% less time taken to generate reports, 300 engineer hours saved per month) by building bespoke building inspection software (Electron, Vue.js, JavaScript)

Selected personal projects

Dec 2018 : Dropship Chess

Implemented assembler, lexer, parser, and compiler in Python to build a toy OS as part of a computer architecture course. Built a chess variant for that OS.