Zhenghong Lieu


Oct 2017 -- Jun 2020 : University of Oxford

BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

  • First Class Honours (ranked 5th/259 in graduating cohort):
    • Gibbs Prize: best Politics thesis
    • Top score in Political Sociology
    • Excellent First in Quantitative Economics
  • Quantitative Political Essay Prize: best quantitative essay of Oxford cohort
  • Postmaster: major college scholarship for sustained academic excellence


Sep 2020 -- Dec 2021 : Software Engineer

Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA)

  • Built role-based authentication system with AWS Cognito and Lambda
  • Built real-time communication and ML inference system using Python
  • Built custom RPC library allowing communication between host machine and Docker
  • Exemplified best practices by setting up CI/CD pipelines and writing technical reference documents

Aug 2020 : Data Science Consultant

Inzura AI

Performed end to-end data analysis in Python:

  • Built parallel processing package that greatly streamlines data processing
  • Performed clustering on ~2 billion data points
  • Wrote and presented final report to the CEO

Jun--Aug 2020 : Software Engineer Intern

Google Summer of Code participant with Metric Geometry Gerrymandering Group

Built new feature for the Metric Geometry & Gerrymandering Group (MGGG)'s flagship webapp (Python, Flask, JavaScript and Vega-Lite)

Jun--Sep 2019 : Data Scientist Intern

Inzura AI

  • Increased monthly active users by > 20% by building a Bayesian SMS sender in Python and SQL, securing an important client contract as a result
  • Deployed distributed Apache Spark infrastructure and performed data analysis with Scala on ~85 million data points used to assign users more accurate risk ratings

Jun--Sep 2018 : Software Developer Intern

Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA)

Created a fully-automated blockchain demonstration of using blockchain in supply chain management (JavaScript, Hyperledger, Node.js)

Jun--Aug 2017 : Software Engineer Consultant

Imcomp International

Greatly increased firm efficiency (75% less time taken to generate reports, 300 engineer hours saved per month) by building bespoke building inspection software (Electron, Vue.js, JavaScript)

Selected personal projects

Self-study in computer science

Completed courses in algorithms and data structures, computer architecture, functional and parallel programming, big data analysis, databases, machine learning, linear algebra and multivariate calculus

Currently working through courses in distributed systems.

Dec 2018 : Dropship Chess

Implemented assembler, lexer, parser, and compiler in Python to build a toy OS as part of a computer architecture course. Built a chess variant for that OS.