About me and this website

About me

I read Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Merton College, Oxford. In my degree I most enjoyed learning about game theory, computational political science, and causal inference.

I also like computer science and data science. My favourite MOOCs are Noam Nisan and Simon Shocken's NAND 2 Tetris, Tim Roughgarden's Algorithms, and Martin Odersky's Functional Programming Specialisation. You can read my reviews of them and several other courses here.

I like building things: some useful, others useless, but always fun. You can read about some of them on my projects page.

About this website

This site initially started as a personal diary. I wrote daily reports about my life. I quickly dropped this habit as it took way too much time and I was lazy, but it was nonetheless primarily used to review my life every so often. In an earlier iteration of my homepage I wrote:

I use this page as a personal diary. In it I record my thoughts and feelings, my views and goals, my struggles and triumphs. I like looking at my old posts and see how I have changed. I particularly enjoy reading the problems that faced me in the past and seeing how they were overcome (or not).

Over time, the audience of this website grew from one to several. I am aware that many of my posts were not suitable for public consumption, but I didn't want to lose the authenticity and frankness of my website. This is why I am now enforcing a division between public and private posts, visible on the front page of the website. While I welcome harsh criticism on posts I tag "public", and I am not entirely opposed to strangers reading posts tagged "private" (else I would have taken them down), I implore the reader to be charitable when reading posts so tagged.