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these two chrysalid years are finally over: this is a period of unprecedented freedom and it’s imperative i don’t waste my time.

the month of November it was a huge rut for me– didn’t get any work done, any project finished or finish reading any book and this is really unacceptable.

The biggest problem is that I am waking up too late. This really harshes my vibe because I usually wake up at 10am/11am and it’s this no-man’s-land kind of timing whereby I convince myself to makan first before going gym but by then it’s so late and i drag drag drag… case in point, it’s 3pm 4pm now and I still haven’t moved my fucking ass to the gym yet.

I have to correct my sleeping schedule so that I am sleeping at midnight and waking up 9am latest. This will allow me to make 10am gym which is just nice.

What I’ve to do in December

I will be travelling from 11th to 24th so somehow need to find opportunities to work out. And to complete the rest of my projects as stated below:

Plans for January

Lastly, I also built a bash script (Mark’s idea) to make the process of updating this blog easier:

#Generates the _site folder and moves its contents to the lieuzhenghong.github.io folder 

bundle exec jekyll build
rm -rf ../lieuzhenghong.github.io/*
mv -v ./_site/* $DESTDIR 
rm -rf ./_site/
rm -f $DESTDIR/build.she

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